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Having grown up in a toxic environment as a child and then

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Letting Go of Past Hurt

Have you ever been significantly hurt by someone at one time or another? Sadly most of us have at one time or another and it is generally by those...

Fear of Intimacy Signs

Did you know that having a fear of intimacy is not just about romance and romantic relationships? Intimacy relates to ALL human relationships and as...

Breakthrough Barriers

​Do you constantly put yourself down? Do you see the perfect job for you and say "I won't get that" so you just don't apply? Do you find the perfect...

Doncaster, VIC.

I recently saw Rebecca for a kinesiology session. I hadn’t really experienced kinesiology before and was feeling a bit unsure and sceptical about the process.  Rebecca’s gentle but very professional manner immediately put me at ease. Once on the massage table she used...

Ganmain, NSW

After breaking my ankle and tearing all the cartilage in my ankle joint 6 years ago, followed by 8 operations without success this lead me to suffering depression, living in a lot of pain and getting no sleep.  My doctors have tried many medications to assist with my...

Gym Instructor

I was introduced to Kinesiology by Bec after meeting her at my gym. To be honest I was a little sceptical about it but decided I’d go into the session with an open mind as I had absolutely no idea what to expect!  What I got was a wonderfully relaxing experience that...


Thank you beautiful Rebecca for the wonderful experience today 😘


I highly recommend Bec, she is a kind and compassionate practitioner. I always feel supported and guided in her sessions. x

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