I recently saw Rebecca for a kinesiology session. I hadn’t really experienced kinesiology before and was feeling a bit unsure and sceptical about the process. 

Rebecca’s gentle but very professional manner immediately put me at ease. Once on the massage table she used a technique which deeply relaxed me and allowed her to pinpoint what my most immediate body issue was, though I hadn’t been consciously clear of this myself! 

I was very impressed by Rebecca’s insight and understanding and even more impressed by her ability to identify the negative beliefs around the issue and her expert use of techniques to address each one.

I’ve been struggling with health and body image problems for ages. As Rebecca’s work with me progressed, I began to feel tangible relief both physically and emotionally around this. By the end of the session I had experienced a definite and very positive shift in how I felt and what I believed about myself and my body. This was a huge breakthrough for me! 

I know I’ve still got work to do around self image concerns and I plan to use Rebecca’s knowledge and skills to help me further with this in the very near future. 
Tangible Relief, Doncaster, VIC