After breaking my ankle and tearing all the cartilage in my ankle joint 6 years ago, followed by 8 operations without success this lead me to suffering depression, living in a lot of pain and getting no sleep. 

My doctors have tried many medications to assist with my injury when out of the blue my doctor suggested giving kinesiology a go. I was a bit sceptical at first but thought what have I got to lose as I had no success this far. 

At first I thought it was a wasted trip as I drove from NSW however after my appointment I progressively began sleeping longer and feeling better within myself. 

Now 3-4 weeks after my appointment I am getting 8 hours sleep a night, feel fantastic and although my ankle is still quite painful, following the guidance of my doctor I have reduced my intake of antidepressants. This was all after one session and therefore I would highly recommend Rebecca for any physical ailments you may have. 
Restful Sleep, Ganmain, NSW