Have you ever been significantly hurt by someone at one time or another?

Sadly most of us have at one time or another and it is generally by those closest to us.  So how do you let people you care so much about close to you again?

No doubt there is a wall you have put up which you perceive as protection and a false perception that this wall or walls are keeping you safe.

Let me guess, people may have suggested you “just let it go”.  How frustrating!  How do you just let it go if you perceive the walls are keeping you safe and by letting go you are faced with the same risk of being deeply hurt again.

What if you could just for a moment contemplate the word “trust”.  You don’t have to do anything with it, just contemplate the word.  What would it feel like and look like to trust again?  What would your relationships look like in all aspects of your life.

So how do you drop the walls to fully trust again?  I’ll be honest it probably won’t happen overnight, especially if the wall has been built up for a while, but by beginning to set healthy energetic boundaries they will get stronger and that wall you have put up will slowly dissolve.

Strong healthy boundaries are similar to a wall but are more like a net.  The difference is that you get to decide what behaviour, situations and emotions you will and won’t let through your net.

If you don’t feel like doing something say so.  If there is something you would prefer to do, speak up and suggest it or find someone who will.  If you’re feeling tired, rest.  Don’t ignore the feeling that you are tired just to people please or because you are worried you will let someone down.  The only person you are letting down is you.

By practicing healthy boundaries you are actually honouring the soul of who you are and filling yourself up with love which overtime will dissipate fear and the need for walls.

In doing this relationships will be healthier, stronger, more supportive and loving.

The walls will be down and you will have more authentic relationships.

You will set yourself free of hurt and feel fulfilled within yourself and safe.