What is Kinesiology?

Everything about us is energy – Our bodies, thoughts, emotions and spirit.

What is Kinesiology?

In my own words I describe it as “asking the body what it needs to heal itself”.

Using the principles of Chinese medicine and through a simple, effortless muscle testing technique your body provides me with accurate feedback regarding any energy imbalances in your body, exactly where they are and what they need, so I can treat them. To treat them I use Kinesiology techniques as well as incorporating my other professional training in Meliae Intuitive Healing and Reiki. I also use crystals, essential oils, sound healing and bush flower essences.

Addressing imbalances energetically, rather than physically, gets to the root cause of what is causing the distress, inability to achieve goals and repeat negative patterning a lot quicker. Experiences and blockages you have had for years can be cleared in only a couple of sessions.

How Can it Help?

Kinesiology is great for treating addictions, emotional trauma and depression, connecting with and healing inner child trauma, clearing repeat negative patterns, unhealthy relationships, pains, feeling stuck and wanting clarity in life, feeling bored with life or that there has to be more to life than this, fatigue and more.

This will result in you having more clarity in life, inner peace, happiness and a deeper understanding of what you want and need in life, and achieving it. You will also attract healthy relationships, gain an energetic bounce in your step, your eyes will be brighter and you will be glowing.

Online Kinesiology Sessions

Online Kinesiology sessions are no different to in person sessions. It has exactly the same structure, runs the same length of time and the benefits are exactly the same.

The energy healing aspect is no different. The healing techniques I use create the same energy balancing just as effectively online, as they do in person. I can tap into my client’s energy just as easily remotely. Most commonly, clients report feeling warmth, tingling sensations, deep feeling of relaxation, peace, release of heaviness and clarity. The same as in person.

There is also no difference in the benefits and results online as there is in person. The bonus of an online healing is you don’t have to drive and you can continue to relax immediately after the session

How to prepare for an online session.

Grab yourself a glass of water. Put yourself in a quiet, undisturbed spot for your session. You can choose if you would like to sit, lay down on the couch or even lay on your bed. If a light blanket will make you more comfortable, grab that too.

You can wear anything comfortable; you can even wear your pyjamas if you wish. If you want to light a candle, you can do that too. This is your session.

Just like the bright, healthy and vibrant pink lotus which grows from muddy waters, I believe with the right fertilized soil, love and care, no matter who you think you currently are, or what your past has been like until today, you can and will achieve anything in life. You just have to take the first step.


What’s Holding You Back?