services_imageGrowing up with a lifetime of varied forms of abuse from psychological, sexual, verbal and physical, you may not know that when you look at me today.

You may look at me today and perceive me to be grounded, easy going, calm, relaxed, stable and like I have it all together.

So how did I become who I am today?

I knew deep within myself that there was something more to life but I cried, I binge ate for 6 years, I over trained at the gym to not feel the painful feelings of the past.

As I began to feel the feeling’s I was trying to numb I started to notice it hurt less to feel these feelings than it did to numb them out. I continued to know there was something more to life than this. Something bigger. Something better.

I persevered.

There is much more to the story but to cut it short life slowly became easier, more effortless and it no longer felt like I was pushing shit up hill. I found love and felt love.

Looking back now I feel like I was a warrior. So, if you have had absolutely enough of abuse from yourself and others, find the warrior within because he/she is waiting to be woken to find a life of love, joy and happiness.

If a lotus can grow into such a beautiful vibrant flower from muddy waters, why can’t you grow into a joyful, vibrant, playful being regardless of your past.