Growing up as a child was a tough ride for some of us. A parent may have left the family home for reasons you were too little to know or understand. We may have been told who we are not and we may have been belittled, laughed at or ridiculed for who we truly are. 

This upbringing can affect us into our adult lives but we have a choice. We can believe what we have been told or we can believe what we know to be true for us.

Take some time out now. Imagine a hot air balloon hovering just above your mind. This hot air balloon drops a ladder down for you. You grab the bottom of this ladder and you climb out of your mindset and all the thoughts in your head.

Sitting safely in the hot air balloon, not too high but high enough to feel safe, you observe where you are at on your life journey.

Are you being who you were born to be? Do you speak kindly to yourself? Are you doing what brings you joy? Do you see how amazing and truly loveable you really are?

If not, whose beliefs are you carrying? Do they stem from childhood? Are they yours or someone else’s? Most importantly are you ready to let them go? 

I believe deep down in our hearts we know who we are. You can allow others to define who you are or you can be who you were truly born to be.

Let go of the beliefs and thought patterns that were never yours to begin with, free yourself from your mind and let your inner child come out into your adult world and play.

Let your inner child be exactly who they were born to be.